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"Do you want success in English?... Because...I only work for success, and with Success!"

Looking for a Professional English course?

Are you fed up with spending valuable time & money…have you tried to learn and to save money at the same time? We have to speak frankly, you still can't speak freely, with confidence, and that's exactly what your looking for…

Refreshing, ‘No Collective-Concept!’ no conventional school method. Customer Services & Logistic Manager

Want to know why my Workshops are so Successful?

My courses are designed for those who have no place in their lives for time wasters…for idle promises…for romantic marketing…but for those who want to experience a positive driving force, and are prepared to work together as a team with their Personal Coach to achieve together their Personal and Individual goals.

"That’s the way Adult Education should be!”...Encouraging, Motivating, Demanding and Target Orientated. Just how Target Orientated, was made clear to me after the training, hundreds of new words..." - Heiss Leadership Training Human Resource Development

Looking for Personalised Business English?

We are all individuals, and being an 'Individual' is just what everybody wants to be…and even more so in 'The English Speaking Business World.' In today's World where time is of an essence…being able to keep up with the ever changing face of Business, it has become necessary for professional training programmes, serious educational institutes to learn and adapt, to develop new methods, and most of all to have the ability to listen exactly to one's clients and be flexible enough to meet their Personal demands and Individual needs…

"My English seminar, with Andrew Pether confirmed all my expectations..." - Top Director of Sales & Marketing, International Electronics Company Deutschland

The World is a Stage…
"Make it YOURS!"

Looking for a ‘Target Orientated’ English Language Workshop?

My target…is a professional Target Orientated Workshop aimed solely on getting my guests to their goals as quickly, easily and as economically as possible….

"In such an incredibly short time you enabled me to communicate in English". - Top IT Sales Director

Learn English in England

Your own personal English adventure A very unique way of learning English,started by my company in 2002, and at the same time being able to use your English at first hand, seeing and visiting all those places you have dreamed about…

"you removed not only my fears, but also aroused my curiosity and deepen my enjoyment to learn something new, respectively. - Köhnlechner Academy